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What is an infectious diseases specialist?

Commitment & Responsibilities


Mutual Responsibilities

The physician should provide quality medical care and never lose sight of his or her patients' welfare. The physician should set fees fairly and always be willing to discuss financial matters with his or her patients. The physician should cooperate with those patients who seek second opinions because they are uncomfortable with a diagnosis or treatment plan. The patient should establish a relationship with a primary care physician. The patient should assume the primary responsibility for his or her well being by practicing good health habits. The patient should seek a clear understanding with his or her physician about fees, and feel free to discuss any hardship situation which may make it difficult for the patient to pay his or her bill promptly.

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 Commitment Statement

We are committed to upholding the highest medical and ethical standards for the profession. Among our commitments to you, our patients, are:

  • To tell you about appropriate treatment options, answer your questions about medical risks and to give you the current and accurate medical facts you need to make an informed decision about your treatment. 
  • To respect your wishes in decisions about your health care and to respect your rights to privacy. 
  • To provide you with information about other physicians and medical resources when we believe it will be beneficial for your care. 
  • To provide you with high quality care and to advocate on your behalf to insure that you receive the care that you need.

Edgardo E. Li-Espino, MD